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PremiumRacks Drainboard Dish Rack - Microfiber Mat Included

PremiumRacks Drainboard Dish Rack - Microfiber Mat Included

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  • EASY WASHING & QUICK DRYING: Our drainboard dish rack design allows you a simplistic & efficient way to clean your dishes.
  • COMES WITH A MICROFIBER MAT: 100% Polyester - Absorbs 4x its weight in water. Protect your counter from scratches and scuffs.
  • ​FREE UP YOUR KITCHEN SPACE: Our boards are designed as lightweight and easy to move. You can always easily place the dish drying rack next to the sink when you need to drain plates or cups etc. You can also effortlessly remove the drainboard when you need that space for cooking or other activities.
  • EFFORTLESS STORAGE: Each draining board has a small hanging clip in the back so that you can hang the board when you are not using it. The slim design of the board allows you to store it effortlessly (product dimensions 19.5" Long x 13" wide x 4.5" tall).
  • MADE WITH SAFE MATERIALS: Each drainboard is made of high-quality food-safe plastic.