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About Us

Welcome to Premium Racks, home of the highest quality custom designed dish racks on planet earth. Besides specializing in dish racks we also are working on providing a wide variety of home and kitchen applications. We design and manufacture all of our products here in the USA, and are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service. So What's in the Rack?
  • PREMIUM is in the Rack
  • PREMIUM DESIGN- The products we design are meant to be optimally configured to make life easier and a little more convenient.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL- We use the highest quality materials, all of our products pass 24 hour salt tests and will not rust.

  • PREMIUM SERVICE- 3 day shipping guaranteed, 8 hours or less email response time, custom service to meet your needs.

    Who are we?

    We are a small team of passionate people who dream big and want to create products that last a lifetime and make your home just a little more efficient.

    Email us at or follow us at any of our social media platforms to shoot us a question.