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Our Stainless Steel Dish Rack Quality Explained...

-People always ask us "will this dish rack rust"?

-Our answer "it will take 5+ years to show any signs of rust."

We have sold over 50,000 dish racks in the last 4 years and have had less than 100 rust complaints. All of our rust complaints usually come from extreme environments (coast areas) where there's a lot of salt in the air.

You won't see other manufacturers selling this high-grade stainless steel in dish racks. It's extremely costly and most companies just don't want to make the upgrade to higher grade steel.

We pride ourselves on our build quality and we want to make products that will last for decades. I hope you can appreciate our attention to detail. Thanks for reading!

Regarding the difference between 304 & 316 stainless steel: Here is a great article discussing the difference.