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PremiumRacks Professional Over The Sink Dish Rack Now Available!

Our tier 2 over the sink dish rack is now available. Hitting Walmart and Amazon next week. You can get it here on our website first! Pre-orders went out on Monday. Thanks for all the support!

Product Info:

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE- With 3 separate side attachments that be placed at your choosing. Want the utensil/knife holder on the inside you can do that. Want the cutting board holder on the outside and the mini shelf on the inside you can do that to. The arrangement is totaling up to you and each part can be mixed and matched to your preference.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL- Use this dish rack for many purposes: Use it for storage for utensils, knives, plates, bowls, soap, sponges, cutting boards etc. Also use it to dry off your dishes, or simply use it for any kitchen storage you might need.
  • HIGH QUALITY- This dish rack maintains its shape over the long haul. Made of nano coated steel, you won’t have any issues with rust! Product also passed a 24 hour salt test spray.
  • BUILT TOUGH- We made this over the sink dish rack as sturdy as can be. Don't worry about it being wobbly or being unstable. Supports over 150 lbs of weight!
  • SIZE MATTERS- Perfection can come in all different shapes and sizes, including this dish rack measuring @ 32.5" Long & 24” Tall. **Important to measure your sink space**