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Amazon's Tech Gear Lab Recommends Our Dish Rack!

Here's the link to the article.

Here's what Tech Gear Lab had to say...

Premiumracks Professional Stainless Dish Rack

Measurements: 18"L x 14"W (21" W with side drying racks) x 12"H | Rack Type: Countertop


  • Large capacity
  • Customizable
  • Knife drying block included
  • Multiple drainage options


  • Pricier
  • Bulky

The PremiumRacks Professional has it all, and we put it to good use. The two-tiered setup is a breeze with clear instructions and visuals to refer to when assembling. There was plenty of room for our set amount of dishes, our chef's knife dried nicely in the knife block, and our glasses and cutting board even had their own side drainage trays. If you are looking for a drip-free countertop experience while washing the dishes, PremiumRacks is a nice choice, as it comes with two draining board types underneath and a microfiber mat for catching water to utilize as desired. The silverware caddy is large, holds a variety of utensils, and also easily detaches for cleaning when necessary.

Due to the accessories, the PremiumRacks can start growing "wings" and take up counter space, as it expands out to 21" with the side drainage systems in place. We find the drainage system attachments a bit cumbersome at times and feel they are less practical for smaller households where fewer dishes are done at a time, or if you don't mind a quick wipe of the countertop to get a few water drops while the dishes are drying. However, if you have a bigger household to clean for, the size and add-ons of the PremiumRacks might be a perfect fit.

The three separate cup holder attachments are one of the...
The three separate cup holder attachments are one of the PremiumRacks featured accessories. It holds an abundance of plates, dishes, silverware, knives, cups, and other items with a high degree of sturdiness. Credit: Kate Irvin